Blockcord – Blockchain Record Management


Blockcord is the next generation record management on Blockchain technology. With Blockcord, user can choose to authorize parties to have read/write access to their records. Blockcord allows record to be shared securely across different organizations. The system provides full audit trail and logs for any data changed with detailed information, including the time of the events and the users who made the challenges. It solves the trust challenges to share record with different parties for different purposes while ensuring data integrity and privacy preservation. With decentralized technology, it also brings high reliability, security and transparency to the conventional way of record storage.

It is suitable to use in different industries:

  • Medical industry: Electronic Health Record (EHR)
  • Government industry: Public record storage, such as birth, marriage, death
  • Education industry: Education record
  • Supply chain: To track the origin of the goods
  • Logistic industry: To track the shipping time and location
  • Property industry: To store property transaction related information


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