Uber vs GrabCar : Your choice

There are times when we all wish for someone who can chauffeur us around, especially after a long day at work. You just want to get back home real quick and you didn’t want to make your way through the weary and eager crowd to hop on to the public transport during peak hours.

What’s even worse is that you have to drive during peak hour, to weave in and out of the stagnant traffic. In fact, services like Uber and Grabcar allows us to request on-demand ride hailing services and ensures us from Point A to Point B, safely. It is cost-efficient and convenient to get around without having you to drive.

As Uber and Grabcar, these two ride sharing services making a big splash in Malaysia; they changed the life of taxi users who were quick to adopt the new service.

Even though there are some traditional taxis that have been protesting firmly against the growth of ride-hailing apps, it can’t be denied that both services offers cheaper means of transportation and casual rides for daily usage. And there are few things you need to know about Uber and GrabCar.


 What you need to know about Uber and GrabCar.

Uber service is under an American worldwide online transportation while GrabCar is from MyTeksi. Both looking to spice up the way we commute back and forth from our destinations but there are differences between the way they operate and charge their customers.


Uber offers charges based on distance and time that customers take to travel, along with base fare whereas GrabCar charges a fixed rate basic which means you do not have to worry about getting shocked when you arrive at your destination.

Distance and traffic area are the main factors affecting the fares when booking a ride, but GrabCar doesn’t implement the practice of surge pricing which means that you don’t have to pay double the price during peak hour. And you need not worry about paying cancellation fee after booking for five minutes.

Unreliable maps create confusion in Uber App, which creates a challenge for rider and driver who are looking to meet up because the map shows the rider in an incorrect location. Whereas, GrabCar’s maps can be frustrating sometimes, you need to spend minutes looking for your driver.

Uber and GrabCar both offers convenient payment method where the fare is billed straight to your credit card which saves you the hassle of having to look for small change. Or you can pay by cash, which gives you more flexible payment methods.

In fact, GrabCar service buys Personal Accident insurance cover for both parties which is an indispensable extra extends peace of mind to passengers and drivers each time they journey together.

While both Uber and GrabCar have their advantages and disadvantages, your decision to use either one of the services has to come down to the availability of drivers on both services because you could always resort to using the alternative.

Nevertheless, if you need a ride during peak hours, GrabCar is a better choice because it ensures that your fare doesn’t increase.

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