GetCoinApp is the easiest way for you to buy Bitcoin securely in Malaysia. It is registered with Bank Negara Malaysia as a reporting institution running as digital currency exchange provider. It complies to AML/CFT guidelines.

With GetCoinApp:
1. You can buy Bitcoin easily
2. You don’t have to maintain a prepaid account with us, you only need to pay as per transaction like P2P model
3. You can get the insightful cryptocurrency news analysis at one glance without going through the tedious technical article.
4. We have easy in app identity verification too
5. Access to your Bitcoin anytime and anywhere
6. Send Bitcoin to any wallet as your wish


Blockchain Street Sdn Bhd


Blockchain development, Bitcoin Core integration, Android development, iOS development, UI/UX design and backend development


XCode, Android Studio, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, MarvelApp and Azure Cloud

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