GoConsult is a unique patent pending app which is a virtual phone within a smartphone designed primarily to improve professional consultation and communication with your doctor, and make it more convenient for you. It is absolutely FREE to download.

GoConsult compared with other apps in the market:
This application is NOT the standard internet consultation application services provided by many companies, where professionals are recruited and you – the client, would be required to call a specific number, access a webpage or an app. Depending on your needs you are then directed to a specific professional or consultant who provides the service you require. You may not have had any prior contact with the professional or consultant offering the service.

GoConsult is especially designed for any and every professional who already KNOW their clients and when further consultation and communication is required by the client away from the consultation venue, the client can do so with this application.


GoConsult Sdn Bhd



iOS development, Android development, UI/UX design and backend development


XCode, Android Studio, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, MarvelApp and Azure Cloud

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