Dude!.. Where’s my car?

Can’t remember? Try snapbord.

One way to organize your photos and thoughts. It can be your car, things to buy or anything that you need as a reminder. Add geo alarms (geo fencing). Use it as an alarm clock. Remind yourselves of the important dates, appointments to keep, grocery shopping list, shoes, clothes and handbags. Take pictures. Make it a visual experience. It is easier when you see the things you are suppose to do and buy.

Snap photos. Flip photo. Write text notes. Create voice notes. Add locations using maps. Add checklists. Use maps to navigate and get to your destination. Add links to your favourite websites or videos and bookmark them. Create as many folders and subfolders. Call it albums if you want. It’s memories that are easier to find.
Use storyboards to create your stories. Create chapters in your lives. Make it how you want it to be.

Use it on your adventures and journeys.
Tag your photos. View and list your favourite haunts, places, art galleries, restaurants and shops with bookmarks.

Remind yourself, no matter how insignificant it is, trinkets and all.

Journal your journeys, scribble your stories, tag your travels and log your life.


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