Revolution of Mobile Trends in Education Industry

Technology is revolutionising the education industry. Pen, textbooks, blackboard and paper used to be the basic essential needed for education toolkits. But today, our life evolved around technology and mobile devices has become a part of our everyday lives. Mobile trends are slowly but surely becoming a key part in the education industry.

Even though interaction between students and lecturers are the key to education industry, but mobile trends have made significant impact on the culture and expectation in our society. Thus, mobile technology has become a common place at all levels of teaching and learning.

While mobile learning is brewing technology in education industry, it provides interesting experiences to students. For instance, KPP Test Pro is an educational mobile app designed to help anyone in passing his or her computer theory test (Malaysia Driving License). It consists of practice mode and test mode to help users to prepare for the actual test.

Nevertheless, many educational institutes are leveraging these technologies to deliver education in visual and interactive form because mobile trends are more popular, accessible and sophisticated. And one day, mobile trends in education technology will change the way of thinking in the future of education.

Augmented Reality


Mobile apps that superimpose digital information on a mobile or table screen into visual, interactive and engaging content in forms of videos and animated content that are augmented. Through this, it infuses more engagement in learning and students can easily grasp the complex concepts with interactive content.



With the rapid growth of technology and access to the Internet, it enables mobile app to provide real time access of knowledge on the go. Students are slowly coming to the term to adapt to their mobile lifestyles for education because educational institutions are trying to make their content accessible and convenient.

Cloud Based Technology


Cloud-based classrooms are ideal when students are not able to attend classes, in fact basic text lessons, video lessons or even live chat sessions with lecturer via instant messenger or video such as Skype can be included.

Mobile trends are delivering prospectus-style content in an inventive way to the education industry. The level of flexibility provided in mobile apps and technological advancement is bringing a paradigm shift in education industry. Even though technology is so essential to the education industry, it can’t be denied that the real power of technology in education is to engage students to connect, collaborate and create.

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