Top Snapchat untapped features

Top Snapchat untapped features

Snapchat is our almost every day go-to app, which is now use by more than 150 million people every day.Snapchat has pioneered new ways to interact with photos, videos and also as marketing strategy for advertisers to reach customers.

Snapchat is an app that allows users to string together photos and short videos to keep a running account of their days for 24 hours. The snap will disappear eventually over the time, thus people tend to check on their friend’s stories more often than not.

It gives users to watch people’s stories in a more reality way,in fact it allows us to watch stories for a personal perspective on life.

Snapchat might not be the most user-friendly app, in fact there are tons of features awaiting us to figure it out.If you’d like to know more about Snapchat’s untapped features, read on for more hidden features.

Use two filters at once


It can’t be denied that filters actually make Snapchat experience a whole lot better. But there are times we get caught up in between, not knowing which image filter to use.Well, you no longer have to choose only one filter, you could use two filters at once along with data label filters that are available.To use it,apply the first filter and hold one finger on display while you swipe over your photo using another finder to add the second filter.

Screenshot without any notification


One of the most annoying thing on Snapchat is that when you screenshot certain message, the sender will get notified. But you no longer have to worry! Just put your phone on airplane mode and open Snapchat App.View the snap and take a screenshot then log out of the app and close it. Turn airplane mode off and reopen Snapchat. You’ll have a screenshot but no pesky notifications.

Use emoji to add extra colour to your photos


You can also create your own filters using some of the more transparent emojis. Choose one emoji and enlarge them until it takes up the whole screen. The edges will begin to pixelate , drag the pixelated area over the frame. It will then look like a filter.

Add emojis to your video snaps

Expose your creativity through snapchat. By doing so,you can insert emoji and press down to get it pin down to an object or location in your video snap. The emoji will then automatically move, rotate  and scale with the object you pinned it to, just like how photo-swapping and face filters do.

Use Snapchat as QR Code Reader


Turn on Snapchat’s camera and scan any QR Code , it can actually recognise any QR Code and you can use it to open web links or any relevant links.

Draw in black or white


By this time, you might not have realised that the colour palette in Snapchat’s drawing tool does not offer black and white.But to get black and white colour palette,all it takes is a quick finger manoeuvres. To access the colours on the palette,you just need to hold your finger down on the colour palette and drag it up or down.
But to access black and white, you will have to drag it toward the upper left corner of your screen to get white palette and bottom right corner of your screen to get black palette.

Exceed the text limit


It gets so frustrating at times when you want to type a long message or description on your snap and there you go , exceeding Snapchat’s text limit. Even though Snapchat extended their text limit,but it’s never enough.We all have so much to say when it comes to typing.

But it’s no longer an issue, you can now exceed the text limit! To add extra text,all you need to do is type your long message in Notes app (a native app for iOS user) , copy it and paste it on the text field in Snapchat.

Or you can copy a range of blank text in your notes app and paste it onto the text field in Snapchat and fill it up.

Turn on Travel Mode


Snapchat users should know by now that the app can be a battery hog. But with the built in feature , Travel Mode , it helps you to conserves your phone data.

When Travel Mode is enabled, it prevents snaps and stories from downloading automatically. In fact, users can choose when they want to load a snap or story.

With Travel Mode, it reduces Snapchat’s mobile data usage and  you can just tap to load content like Snaps and Stories when you’re on the go.

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