Top 3 apps that could earn you side income

Technologies are evolving dramatically, and many company are adapting and innovating to utilize these new tools, especially mobile application.

As we delve into 21st century, we shall look how evident changes have been and how something quite new and special is being born.

There are start-ups, innovative technologies, new platforms and plenty of people looking for side income. Fear not though,there a few apps that can actually let you earn real money from an Android or iOS device.




Introducing you GigaGigs, an app that instantly connects you with simple,fun yet easy-to-do micro task.It is an app that pays you upon completion of these tasks.

This is an app that enable you to earn extra cash and other great rewards while going about your daily routine whether it is shopping,running errands,dining or even while waiting.Users can simple select a task in the app and take up while on the go,complete it and get rewarded.

Once you get in,find the tasks around you and complete it according to the instructions given. You will earn once your submission is verified.






manis app

Manis is a universal loyalty lifestyle mobile app that helps you to earn and spend points at your favourite businesses. What’s better, is that you can track your spend by snapping your receipts at the same time! Manis is an app that helps you earn tons of rewards and free stuff.

So get started now by ;

Snap and track
Shop anywhere and snap the receipt to automatically track your spending.

Earn Points
Earn free points by simply snapping your receipts anywhere you eat, shop or play

Get Free Vouchers
Redeem your points and get free cash vouchers from your favourite store.





cardpow app

CARDPOW! is an app that promises you cashback on everyday purchases.You just need to buy promoted products or services at any Participating Merchant, snap and upload to CARDPOW! the receipt to get cash in your account.

All you need to do is browse CARDPOW! cash-back promotions before heading out for shopping.Buy promoted items or service at the Participating Merchant store,upload the receipt within 48 hours of purchase and get your cash back!

Once you earn RM 50.00 in cash back, you can request to be paid!

Cardpow! App



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